A Romance Writer Analyzes:'Blackbird' - Fat Freddy's Drop (covered by Jordan Rakei)

This guy slays my life! I'm working on my blog and this song pops up on my YouTube playlist and I just had to share it with you guys. I freaking love #JordanRakei!

Normally when I'm writing or creating anything really, I have to have music playing in the background. My mood today dictated something a little funky... something I could vibe to as I collect my thoughts and work through some of my blog posts that need to be edited and scheduled.  The first song on the playlist is Allen Stone's, Unaware, which he and an American Idol contestant recently performed and it just made me weep. A few more tracks played and I was still able to work and focus on what I set out to do, but then Jordan Rakei's cover of Blackbird blew through my speakers and I had to stop working to watch the video.

I love watching him perform this song because he's so gone in the music.  There is something very sensual and earthy about the way he moves and plays the keys.  But really... it's his facial expressions that make me lose focus.  I don't know. Maybe it's the romance writer in me, but this song and watching him just screams hot, sweaty sex after dancing in some dark reggae club with red lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling, somewhere in Melbourne.

It could be his hands, though. There is something inherently sexy about a musicians hands and when they focus on his fingers running over the keys like a lover's caress, it's sexy as hell! Or it may be the fact his eyes are closed as he sings and he keeps pulling his bottom lip into his mouth... I can't work when the video is on.

All right, honestly... it's his freaking voice!  God, it is the kind of voice I imagine coming from some sex god who knows all the beautiful, dirty words to whisper in his lover's ears as he breaks her a part and puts her back together again.

And when he adds the little D'Angelo vibe at the end... holy smokes.  At this point, I'm thinking he's talking to me, you know.  Or at least I hope he's talking to me.  He's so focused on the music and the woman he is singing about, it makes me wonder about his focus during other harmonious activities. Can I blame my foray into lustville on my chosen genre of romance or am I just a little pervy?  I'm going to go with I'm a romance writer and see the sensuality in all creative endeavors. Yes. I like the romance writer take on my detour, today.

I hope you enjoy the video and the post, and as always...Stay Enchanted.



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