My Analog Life...You Know It's 2019, Right?

“How tragic it is to find that an entire lifetime is wasted in pursuit of distractions while purpose is neglected.” ― Sunday Adelaja
From the moment I wake in the morning to the time I lay my head down on my pillow a night, I'm plugged in to something.  My cell phone. My laptop. My Smart T.V.   I'm kind of missing the time when phones were plugged in to the walls, computers were too large to go anywhere, and I only had three channels to choose from and they all went off at 12 am.  God, I sound like a ninety-year-old!  I'm not even 45, yet.  What does this say about me.  Am I out of touch with what's happening?  Am I too old to appreciate all the technological advances and how convenient they make my life?  No.  I am a tech-junkie and damn proud of it.

But, sometimes. Those times when I don't like being around people. Those times when the constant buzzing and beeping of notification drive me bat-shit crazy.  Those times when all I want to do is sink into my head and write... those times I long for my childhood when I could sit in my room on my bed with my journal or typewriter, my Walkman, and forget anyone else is in the world.  I didn't realize how distracting the conveniences of my life were until I discovered my purpose.  Until I submitted to the pursuit of what sets my soul on fire.

Now, I'm left with the burning desire to live an analog lifestyle.  Okay, let's be honest.  I can't give up my modern conveniences and I would probably die a slow and lonely death if I couldn't check Pinterest

t and Instagram.  And how in the hell would I know all the tomfoolery going on in the White House without my Twitter notifications.  I am; however, finding I can live without Facebook.  Anyway... My point is, I want some of my life to be digital free.  I'm proud to say, I've already started to reclaim some of my time and energy from the constant plugged-in lifestyle I've been living.

I'm a planner from way back.  In recent years, Google calendar had basically hijacked my life and made me its bitch.  I couldn't leave my bed in the morning without checking my calendar to make sure I had permission to be up at whatever time it was or if I was supposed to be using Buffer to post to my social media accounts and then getting up. I wish I was kidding, but I'm not.  It was bad and as my life got more hectic, Google calendar and Google assistant became my drug dealer and my pimp.  I gladly whored myself out to them for a hit of the drug named; "OK Google, cross that off my to do list."

The more I considered what I was really accomplishing, the more I realized it was none of what set my soul on fire.  None of what made me feel alive.  I was busy getting everything and nothing done at the same time.  It had to stop.  Now I only use my Google calendar to record the days and descriptions of my youngest daughter's KLS episodes.  For everything else I need to keep track of, I use my handy-dandy Bullet Journal or BuJo for short.

What I Love About My BuJo

  • The BuJo is a blank journal with dotted pages.  They are usually small enough to slip into a small tote.  I have total CONTROL over how my spreads look, which spreads I use, and what information I want to include in each month, week, and day spread.
  • I'm a CREATIVE girl and I need multiple outlets to channel my creative energy; the BuJo allows me time and space to be both creative and productive.  I love design and doodling. Taking time to set up and work in my BuJo gives me a chance to do both. 
  • I absolutely love knowing I have intentionally chosen every pen, pencil, design element, and word that goes into my spreads.  This helps with intention setting and living on purpose.
  • The act of writing everything down.  In my own script is immensely rewarding.  I'd forgotten how much I loved writing longhand.  I'd forgotten how exciting it is to write in cursive--did you know schools took cursive writing out of the curriculum and now there are shit-tons of people who don't know how to sign their own name?--anyway, I love playing with different fonts and writing styles.
So yeah, my BuJo is one of the first ways I unplugged in 2019 and it has sparked a need to see what other areas I may be able to unplug from the constant distractions my digital life has become.  

My home is filled with technology and no, I'm not complaining at all.  I have three teenage daughters and  husband who all rely on the digital crack as much as I do; however, in my plight to do away with distractions of said digital crack, my home doesn't provide a refuge.  So, I have a wonderful idea.  I may need to start a go-fund-me to get it done, but I 100% believe this is the next and most important step in pursuing my analog lifestyle.


The Outside Room
I get my own room out back.  My on off-grid space in the back of my current home.  Completely free from distractions of any kind.  No internet access.  Eco-friendly construction and sustainable through use of solar panels.  Just big enough for a writing space, a place to crash, and shelving units.  My own personal writing-digital crack-free zone.  I've done the research, and these sassy little mom-needs-her-own-space sheds are the next best thing to building a tiny house in my back yard; which I don't think the neighborhood covenant would allow me to do .

Really though, just consider how much writing I could get done if I had my own perfect space away from all the beeping, vibrating, tingling... oh wait, I'm talking about something else 😄.  I digress.  Securing a single space where I can go totally analog as a writer, is honestly a dream.  My own little slice of Walden Pond.

The Modern Shed
 I don't know if I want this little hut out back more for the analog lifestyle or to escape my husband and children, but I do know it's the perfect solution to both situations.  Not quite sure when I will be able to afford to have one of the beautiful prefab escape rooms delivered to my home, but I'm still determined to live a more analog lifestyle.  It'll just require a more thought and creativity.

The main reason I have for moving more of my activities over to a more analog approach is because I'm over living my life as a bystander.  The digital age gives us the freedom to avoid considering the why behind the what.  Why did I take that appointment? Why did Amazon recommend that particular item to me? Why did I schedule the meeting on Monday instead of Wednesday?  

If all I have to do is point and click and make something happen...anything happen; then I don't have to concern myself with if what's happening is what I intend to happen or if it's what someone else intends to happen for me. 

In an effort to live more intentionally, I've taken to replacing some of my digital addictions with analog practices.  Last week on my podcast, I talked about my e-book addiction.  It really is horrible.  So, I've purchased a stack of hard copy books I intend to read before I give myself permission to click and point another book on my Kindle or my Nook.

I also have an Amazon music subscription--I know, told you I've whored myself out for the convenience. I've decided to to invest my time into looking around for vinyls to listen to as I'm writing or working on whatever it is I'm working on.  Or just listening while I don't do anything at all.

I'm as addicted to Pinterest as I am any of my other social media accounts... maybe even more so.  In an effort to be more intentional in my life, I've started a mindfulness wall where I post daily mindfulness reminders.  I draw or write or doodle and really think about only what I'm doing at the time.  It's turning into one of my favorite parts of my morning ritual.

I've also decided to rekindle my love of crocheting.  There's something meditative about the rhythm of pushing and pulling my hook through yarn in the same pattern until what was once a chain of loops becomes a perfect hat with a fluffy pom-pom.  

Knowing, I intentionally chose the yarn.  The pattern.  I intentionally chose to give my energy to any of the analog activities is why I'm enjoying the exploration of my analog life.

How are you living intentionally?  I'd love to hear from you and maybe figure out a way to get my little hide-away taken care of.  Until next time. Remember writing is a journey and it's what we discover about ourselves in the process that allows us to be brave, be beautiful, and be enchanting.



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