Finally, A Room of My Own.

A Room of My Own

I've been talking about creating my own writing space where no one would be allowed to enter except me. And finally! Finally, my writing cottage is happening! I have this backyard shed kit for over a year. I've been waiting for the husband to find the time to help me put it together and it never happened. Between his job, taking care of and running behind our busy children and other scheduling conflicts it just didn't happen. I'm not belittling the seriousness of COVID-19 and being housebound for the last four or five months... but. I'm pretty damn sure my writing she cottage shed would not be standing in my backyard right now if we were not forced to stop everything and stay at home.

For Transparency Purposes

My husband didn't feel comfortable with the idea of our family building the shed, so he hired a MTD Services, LLC to come out and get it done. It took them all of about fourteen hours from start to finish. If you're in the Midlands area of South Carolina and are looking for a reliable and fairly priced company to remodel or do any sort of carpentry work around the home, I highly recommend them. 

There. I didn't want anyone to think that my husband and I were anything like Joe and Chip. 

We. Are. Not.

Although we didn't actually build the building, we did shingle the roof and will be hanging the dry wall, putting in the flooring, and painting in and outside. At this very moment, I'm waiting for my very generous nephew to complete the electrical work before we can get started with the fun shit. 

In the mean while, I'd love to show you what's happened so far with the build, as well as get some opinions about the interior. So here it is.

On the first day of the build, Mike and his assistant were working against the rain. It was overcast and kind of drizzling on and off that morning. My husband did a really great job preparing the area where I wanted the cottage to be. The guys carried all the pieces from our garage to our backyard and managed to get the floor put together before the rain and thunder settled in for the day. Oh, I should note my husband had to go and get two additional 4x6x10 floor joist because I would be using this space as more than just a storage shed and wanted the floors to be reinforced. (No fat jokes 😊.) I know the cinder blocks are hideous, but I will have a floating deck in the front and lattice skirting around the sides and back to camouflage the utilitarian tomfoolery going on under the floorboards.

Day two and the last day the guys needed to complete the build of my little eight by ten foot writing cottage was under way at 7:15 am that morning. I was still blissfully asleep in my bed at this time. When I finally dragged myself from my abode, fixed a cup of ginger tea and ate my morning banana... get your minds out of the gutter, ladies. Really. I peeked out of the back sliding glass door and screamed in my excitement at the back wall standing on its own. WOW!!!! My little cottage now had a floor and a wall. At this point I'm trying to figure out where I should hand the cool lighting fixture I ordered off Amazon.
My three teen-aged-daughters were all sitting in our den... that's the family room for those of you who may not speak southern... looking at something stupid on Netflix as I kept taking pictures and oooooohing and ahhhhhhhing over every small detail of my cottage as it took shape. Eventually, the girls ganged up on me and kicked me from the room because well, I wouldn't sit down and shut up. Losers. If this were a hang out house for them being built, they would've been just as crazy as I was. The next time I glanced through the back door, my cottage had a floor, back wall and standing front wall. Progress!

I went back into my bedroom to work on the manuscript for the third book in the Broken Souls series and got completely lost in the sauce. I so love when that happens. 💗 When I emerged from my writing cocoon, my cottage had a floor and four walls and the beginnings of its slanted roof! Can you see how fabulous this little writing cottage is going to be?! I'm thinking I'm going to put my sitting against the left wall and I'm not so sure I want a conventional desk as much as I want... well, I need to wait until the dang thing is finished before I start decorating it.
As you can see, the light is fading, and the guys from MTD Services are just about done with my sweet little writing cottage. I think they were waiting for my husband to return from Home Depot with something that was missing from the kit. But... Look at her. She is pretty much done as far as the exterior goes. I wanted her placed between two young oak trees and to be surrounded by all the pine and oak trees in our backyard. When I'm done with all of it, I will truly have created my own Enchanted Forest. I'm oping to be completely moved in by August 10, 2020. Yes, that's just five days away from the release date of Mirrored Souls/Âmes en Miroir, the second book in the Broken Souls series. I will be broadcasting live from my Enchanted Writing Cottage for the five days leading up to the release. I'm putting it into the Universe and believing it is already my reality.

I can't wait to share with you all, the process of fitting the interior and decorating my writing space exactly the way I want it to be. 

Before I go, If you have any suggestions for the inside or outside of my writing cottage, please leave them in the comment section below. 

Remember, writing is a journey, we all have to take our own path to get where we're going. We can only live one enchanted moment at a time. Until next time; be brave, be beautiful, and stay enchanting.



  1. Finally, you will have a space of your own. Love you!!!

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