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Ella's Reaction to Mirrored Souls Book Launch Party

I never thought I'd have the nerve to look at myself on a Facebook Live while talking about my latest released book: Mirrored Souls, the 2nd book in the Broken Souls series went live on October 15, 2020 and now I'm going to watch the entire thing and record my reactions... should be fun or funny 😕😅
Just scroll down after pressing play... I literally just wrote everything I was thinking while watching this. My mind is a very strange place and I can't believe I'm inviting you all to come and take a stroll through my tangled, enchanted thoughts. Be nice. 
My Real-Time ReactionsOh, I had to start over because Facebook was acting STUPID!So sad I needed someone else to confirm if I was live or not. What is my problem?I love the fact that I'm wearing my old-lady glasses with the string.I'm a firm believer in telling the truth. If I don't know... then I don't know.That's how to get people excited, tell them you don't want to talk a lot during your …

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