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❄️ Âmès Brisées (Book 1 of Broken Souls Series) by Ella Shawn (@authorellashawn ) ❄️ First of all, I wanted to thank @BookTasters via Twitter for being the bridge between me and the author, Ms. Ella Shawn. Overall, I really enjoyed reading the book, but somehow, I took a lot of time in reading it because of the themes of the novel. ❄️ When reading a book, I always want to see the connection of the series/title to the main plot of the story. And while reading Ms. Shawn's book, I'm glad she didn't do a lot of spoon feeding. As the story progresses, she shows just how vulnerable Johnathan R. Ellis is, despite giving off the strong alpha male facade. His dark experiences during his adolescent years, including his encounter with Violet, who molded him to become who he is in the present time. ❄️ Enter Vivian Bruno, a young woman who, to me, as well as to Johnathan, is literally a ball of sunshine. Her character was pretty hard to understand, probably because one moment, she's sweet, and the next thing I know, she's hot tempered and ready to take on a fight. However, I have my own personal hunches as to what was happening to her, and it's good that the author took time in revealing that. Just like Johnathan, young Vivian was also a broken soul. But, despite being broken, she still have a full grasp of reality and who she really is and what's she's capable of. ❄️ The characters of this story are beautifully written. Both of them had skeletons in their closets, but they showed courage and they are willing to compromise in order to keep on living and to keep the love that they have. ❄️ Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book. Truth be told, I was already familiar with the author's writing style, however, it wasn't until when I finished the book did I know what that writing style was called. Southern Gothic style, is a writing style that explores the south, darker themes of erotic and romance, society, and other relevant social issues. ❄️ 5/5 would recommend this book! #YANovel #SouthernGothic #Romance

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Book - Mirrored Souls : The Broken Souls (book-2) Author - Ella Shawn Rating - ⭐⭐⭐⭐.4/5 "Mirrored Souls" by Ella Shawn is the sequel of The Broken Souls series. First one is "Ames Brisees" which I read last week. . The story revolved around Vivian and Jonathan- their dark past, incooperative family, how they met in college, how they fell in love and how Vivian surrendered herself to him knowing he would break her soul the moment she gifted him with her submission. ♠️ In "Mirrored Souls" Vivian is married to the man she loved and living a happy life together, but how long it would last? John, who Vivian thought as her soulmate, decides to own her and want her. Vivian and John have always believed that they were destined to be together, to heal each other, to deeply love each other. ♠️ The story takes a turn when one day, Vivian finds out that she is expecting a baby, but worse thing is- she can't recall a single thing since the night when John broke her to every core for his own pleasure. It has been six months now. ♠️ Poor Vivian! She still wonders if John is the one and she can't escape the fate that he is no more with her. . What will Vivian do now? Will she accept the fate? Will she go back to Jonathan or will she alone come to her rescue and deal with the situation on her own? ♠️ "Mirrored Souls" is a wonderful story of strength, dare, forgiveness, love, lust, self-discovery, pride, compassion, and fate. Sometimes we have to fight to ourselves to deal with difficult times! . Vivian is one hell of a woman. The ending was favourite part. The title is perfectly apt for the story. Language is strong. Narration is soft. *Go guys, do read it* . #Mirrored Souls #ellashawn #readingisgood #amazon #instagram #goodreads #kindle #facebook #review #readnovels #ebook #paperback #pratibhamalav #misswriter #author #reviewer #influencer #writersofinstagram #reviewersofinstagram #indianreviewer

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Âmes Brisées: Broken Souls (A Broken Souls Novel Book 1) Kindle Edition by Ella Shawn📕 My Rating - 4.7/5 🌟 Blurb📚 💫Jonathan Ellis and Vivian Bruno are either ill-fatted soul mates or destined to completely destroy each other. All Jonathan Ellis knew was how to survive violence, sexual depravity, abuse, and death. He thought he'd outrun his demons when he went to college, but he should have known nothing could absolve his fractured soul of its sins. Not even the beautifully shy girl with summer-sunshine in her eyes. I knew when he would destroy when a simple touch sent lightening thought my body. 💫My mind said to run away, but apparently I'm a little more self-destructive than I thought. Vivian Bruno is a sassy, shy college freshman who barely escaped her abusive, drug-addicted father with her soul intact. Vivian is in no hurry to cede her new-found freedom for any reason, but Jonathan isn't just any reason. What he makes her feel may just be worth her submission. Trigger Warning: This book contains intensely sexual scenes, abuse, and strong D/s themes. My Review📚 🎭Âmes Brisées: Broken Souls is a beautiful book written by Ella Shawn. 🎭The past of the protagonist is wrapped in tragic events and the quest that controls his own lives, won by the power of a Dom. 🎭The erotica of it is unique due to the story plot. The narration of the book is amazing and the author deserves an applaud for such a beautiful storyline. 🎭The best part I enjoyed was the minor plot twists which were unexpectedly added up to bring to the whole storey. 🎭This was a very fascinating and light reading. The development of the character was strong and the more stuff happened as the character developed ❓Will they somehow see a way to take all the hurt and broken pieces to build something stronger than their pain? ❓Or will he break her in the most destructive way imaginable? Grab your copy to find out what happens next 💫

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My rating: 4.4/5⭐ Ames Brisees: A Broken Souls Novel by Ella Shawn 📙 John with a painful childhood comprehends his Dom character with assistance of a senior lady. In the wake of losing everybody throughout everyday life and left with heaps of cash, he meets Vivian who he needs to be his Sub and furthermore love of his life. This is the principal book of the arrangement and investigates about drives seeing one another and sets premise for future books. 📙 This book resembles Fifty shades of Gray in more crude organization with YA characters. At the point when John and Vivian are not locked in erm... in different exercises, they appear to have extremely interesting characters. I wish that was investigated more. Everything about their adoration and relationship was insta and quick aside from the sex part. At any rate I felt so. 📙 This book accompanies solid disclaimer about unequivocal substance and it is which is all well and good. It is certainly not for everybody. Be that as it may, for somebody who appreciate this genre, it will be a treat. 📙 The cover suits the book very well. The author's writing style is way too good. Just loved the book. #booklover #booklove #bookstagram #bookweek2020

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Âmes Brisées: Broken Souls (A Broken Souls Novel Book 1) Kindle Edition by Ella Shawn 📚 My Rating - 4.6/5 🌟 My Review💫 📚Âmes Brisées: Broken Souls by Ella Shawn has a warped dark romance weaving together that everyone might like if they give in a little to their darkest feelings. 📚The history of the main character is shrouded in traumatic incidents and the journey that dominates his own lives. As I continued reading, I was happily surprised to find that this erotic tale had perfectly blended elements of love 📚The characters developed into beautifully distinct identities and I would agree that this work is distinct from those in its genre now that I have read the whole plot. 📚I enjoyed to have minor plot twisting that was unexpectedly enjoyable to introduce to the whole narrative. 📚Characters are sketched really well. The next book in the series is still in strong spot. It's been a good reading overall. 📚I don't want to be a spoiler. Without breaking any suspense, I would request you all to read the book.

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🌻🌻 Âmes Brisées: Broken Souls (A Broken Souls Novel Book 1) By - Ella Shawn Format – Kindle Edition Print Length – 371 Pages My Ratings – 4.6/5 📚 The book by Ella Shawn revolves around Jonathan Ellis and Vivian Bruno. Since he fled his hometown at the age of 17, Jonathan Ellis was deemed an adult by the courts. He had money, intellect, appearance, and enough sexual experience to please every woman he had wanted. His life was fraught with abuse , sexual deviance, and death. He went to college looking for normality, but there is no relief from the white heat of depravity running though his veins ... not even for her. Go grab yours copy of the book to know what happens further as I won’t disclose everything here. 📚 Ella Shawn has put together a twisted dark romance that anyone might enjoy if they gave in to their darker thoughts for a little while. 📚 Protagonist’s past is enclosed in horrific events and a journey that consumes his own life. As I started to read, I was pleasantly delighted to discover that this erotic tale had wonderfully mixed elements of passion. 📚 The erotic is peculiar because of the essence of the story. It made me want to hear more about the characters and find out why they're the way they are. 📚 This book is followed by a firm disclaimer about the unmistakable content that is what is both right and good. It's definitely not for everybody. Be it as it might, it's going to be a treat for anyone who appreciates this genre. 📚 Overall, I liked the book very much and it was an Incredible read. Author’s efforts are commendable to write such a great book. Book cover is quite Attractive and Title also befits the content. Writing style is good and the narration was smooth as well. Language was easily understandable and storyline was normal paced. Highly recommended to everyone out there and specially those readers who love reading this genre as this is the book for them. Happy Reading😊 #simpletoliveblogger

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Book - Ames Brisees Author - Ella Shawn Rating - ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5 "Ames Brisees" by Ella Shawn is the first book in "The Broken Souls" series. This is the first time I read Ella Shawn's work. It is amazing. . This book is a wonderful start to this series, I must say. 📖 The story is based on two young people- Vivian Bruno and Jonathan Ellis who are either destined to be together or destroy each other. . Vivian is a shy young lady with an alcoholic father while Jonathan can survive any violence, sexual depravity, or even death. 📖 Jonathan decides to put the past behind when he joins the college but is it that easy? Maybe it will be easy when he sees beautiful Vivian, whose a simple touch gives him butterflies in stomach. . What happens next? Are Jonathan and Vivian ill-fated soulmates or they will destroy each other when the time comes? Will Jonathan overcome his past? Wiil Vivian give control of her newfound freedom to Jonathan? 📖 I will not go into spoilers. The book is fantastic. Just one thing- read it with an open mind! . The book really stands out from others in its genre. Characterization is appreciative. Writing is fluid. *I really wanna know what happens in next part* . #amesbrisees #ellashawn #readingisgood #amazon #instagram #goodreads #kindle #facebook #review #readnovels #ebook #paperback #pratibhamalav #misswriter #author #reviewer #influencer #writersofinstagram #reviewersofinstagram #indianreviewer

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